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The Novellini brand was established in the 1960s by the Novellini family in Italy.

The range of shower enclosures is unique in design and highly customisable, ensuring it fits perfectly with your style. When choosing a Novellini Shower Door or Enclosure, many colour finishes and glass choices make the shower door and shower enclosure blend perfectly into your bathroom. Novellini also offers a comprehensive catalogue of Novellini Shower Trays to complement your enclosure or door set-up.

Innovative Materials and Designs

Novellini is renowned for its use of cutting-edge materials, ranging from tempered glass to high-quality metals and beyond. These materials don't just make for durable products; they also open the door to innovative designs. For instance, the brand's frameless shower enclosures provide an uninterrupted view, making a small bathroom feel more spacious. Likewise, their whirlpool baths combine elegant design with therapeutic features, offering the ultimate bathing experience.

Novellini baths
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